• Every online Forex brokerage needs an integrated CRM system into their websites and trading platform in order to maximize conversion and retention of the clients. A CRM solution dedicated and specific to the Forex market that is easy to use and is built to make the business more efficient, scalable, reduce the brokers risk, save funds in marketing with campaign management, assist in the risk management and trading, and manage affiliates has never been offered in the past.

    The biggest technological downfall of most Forex Brokerages is the CRM. It is not unheard of to spend hundreds of development hours on building a CRM or configuring existing CRM systems to suit the Forex market, only to find out that it does not perform properly and that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent.

    Archer's CRM solution is dedicated and built specifically to Forex Brokers. It is a scalable solution so that start up enterprises are able to benefit from the logic and efficiency of a large institution and large brokers are able to manage thousands of leads and accounts for maximum automation, conversion and retention. The platform reduces inefficiencies and is built for the maximization of client value and operations.

    Archer’s CRM solution will revolutionize the way you do business.

    The modules that are a part of the CRM offered by Archer include:
    • User friendly interface for sales and retention, to ensure efficient calls and management
    • Tried and tested and used by several large brokers
    • Campaign management System, to monitor and compare ROI
    • Optional, fully integrated hosted interactive website solution with a rich truly multi-language CMS and comprehensive "my account" area
    • Fully hosted solution, save on employee costs. We will support your system for you.
    • Web Solutions
    • VOIP Solutions
    • SMS connectivity
    • Bonus controls
    • Rules for Regulated and Non-Regulated brokers
    • Mass Media marketing, and more.

    The CRM solution will have an immediate ROI
    • Increase conversions
    • Increase the client lifetime value
    • Reduce the average time spent by sales people handling leads
    • Potentially save tens of thousands of dollars monthly by real-time client monitoring and analysis
    • Save on retention hours by targeted automatic systems
    • Reduce costs as the package comes with an built-in chat solution
    • Increase client confidence with an optimal "my account solution"